Damage to external and internal cabling happens quite regularly, usually as a result of pruning plants or during building work and in the case of internal cabling, this usually happens when decorating. With over 20 years experience working as a BT Engineer, our telecoms engineer Graham has a wide range of experience fault finding and resolving problems.

Damage to external / internal cabling

Damage to sockets

Shifting of main line sockets and secondary telephone sockets to new locations

Upgrading of cable to higher specification

Re-terminating IDC connections

Upgrading sockets and extension wiring

Damage to sockets can be caused by simply having them in a damp environment, this will cause all sorts of fault issues. Misuse of a paper wall stripper in the location of a socket will cause the same result.

TSW can replace damaged sockets usually of a higher quality than the original.

Shifting of main line sockets and secondary telephone sockets to new locations – we can assist in this and in many cases people find that the main socket in the case of broadband is in the wrong location, as a result of this the hub is located in a secondary socket, as a result broadband performance will be reduced as the hub should always be in the master socket for best performance.

Some cables used in the past were of a low quality which was fine for voice but not sufficient for super fast broadband.

TSW can assist in upgrading of cable to higher specification (twisted pair) which will enhance broadband performance.

IDC connections require a special tool to terminate successfully, it also has to be done in the correct procedural manor, failure to do this will result in very poor quality of connection and line service. Many DIY outlets offer kits which either have poor quality wiring, cheap manufactured sockets and a poor installation tool resulting in a low quality extension / connection.

TSW only uses good quality sockets and cable, along with correct IDC connection procedures and tools.


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