It is very important to use an industry standard Socket. The Nt5e Master socket should always be the main socket for BT or any other Telecom company. The main socket is the one which the outside line is first terminated into the property.

Telephone Socket Installations

This is important not only as a demarcation point for the Telecom company responsible for repair but it has certain components for remote testing and Broadband function. Telecom Services Worcestershire will not use the plentiful cheap and cheerful imitations.

There are many cheap, off-the-shelf screw type and Idc sockets which will cause broadband problems as they simply are not of a very good quality or manufactured cheaply in china etc.  We will only use BT approved sockets .

The position in which a socket is placed is paramount to its reliability over time. If say placed in a damp humid environment trouble is around the corner.   We can advise you as to the best siting for a trouble free life.

We also fit the latest model of broadband accelerator’s; these new enchantments offer superior quality of filtering and broad band stability. Also when fitted they reduce the need for the cheaper quality plug type filter as supplied with most Hubs.

So you just plug your phone into the socket as before. After fitting most people see an immediate improvement in broadband speed and performance.

This all part of the TSW service of which I take great pride in.


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