Telecom Services Worcestershire understands the pain and frustration when your broadband slows down or stops working. With over 20 years experience working as a BT Engineer, our telecoms engineer Graham has a wide range of experience fault finding and resolving problems.

Old main socket

Poor termination practice

Old / damaged cable

Router not located in the primary master socket

Extension wiring incorrectly terminated

Network provider slowing down service due to poor line quality

Broadband repair services

The earlier versions of the BT line box were known to cause broadband speed issues by filtering out some of the broadband signal an upgrade to a later line box can often increase broadband speeds.

If external cabling or internal cabling are poorly terminated, resistance in the line connection will also cause a slowing down of the broadband connection speed.

TSW can rectify these issues, we have the latest enhanced sockets and always use the correct standard of termination products.

In many instances people have cabling that is 20 – 30 years old, this was fine for what it was originally designed for i.e. voice however modern cables are far superior in quality and therefor if changed a more reliable and stable broadband connection can be achieved.

If the router is not located in the master socket there will be a loss in the broadband performance. TSW can assist in rectifying these issues.

If extension wiring is incorrectly terminated this can also have a slowing down effect on the broadband speed received in the home.

Many of the points mentioned above can result in a network provider reducing the level of broadband it issues to any property as all network providers monitor line quality. It is paramount to have a good quality line to and into the property to achieve the best possible speeds.

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