With Broadband being a recent introduction into our homes. This has thrown up some problems for the very old telephone phone wiring that is still in Service. BT had problems in 1960 when Copper became very scarce. They had to use Aluminium as alternative.

Phone wiring fault finding and repair services

The Aluminium cable over time suffers from electrolysis this is when it starts to break down and degenerate. Although Aluminium carries voice ok its poorer in conductivity when compared to solid twisted pair copper cable.

It is also a poor performer when used for high speed Data when compared to Solid twisted pair Copper core cable.

As broadband is high speed data, if you’re using old Aluminium cable? Your speeds and stability will be improved by swapping to a twisted pair solid copper cable.
The problem arises also if insulation has broken down on the old cable.

As a lot of the cables out there have been around for 40 plus years and have been over time painted or exposed to various other elements like UV etc.

The protective insulation as a result will be degenerated and broken down. This in turn will cause loss of conductivity and also will cause a whole host of issues from possible intermittent noise on a voice call to Broadband stability issues and performance loss.

Renew your old phone wiring

We can renew your old phone wiring with new twisted pair Copper solid core cable.

This is the new recommended BT standard of Cable and we can also offer Cat5 cable upgrades for internal cable.


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